About Mohammed

Mohammed Al Samawi is a peace activist from Yemen who is living in th United States. Since arriving in 2015, Mohammed has been involved with various NGOs and interfaith groups. He's worked at the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD) in Washington D.C., where he facilitated difficult discussions with religious leaders in the Middle East and encouraged them to question their prejudices. Mohammed has also been working as the Global Ambassador for Interfaith Youth and Leadership for The African Middle Eastern Leadership Project (AMEL), a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that empowers Millennial activists from the Middle East and Africa to build more inclusive societies, and advocates for policies in Washington in support of this goal.


He serves on the board of the Yemen Peace Project, which advocates for peaceful U.S. policies towards Yemen, and works with the Muslim Jewish Solidarity Committee, a nonprofit that focuses on grassroots social action to build relationships between Jews and Muslims.


To complement these efforts, Mohammed has been sharing the story of his personal transformation with religious groups and academic institutions around the country. He’s been deeply moved by the opportunity to speak with young people in high schools and colleges, and has been overwhelmed by the responses.


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